ARIYA LEGAL UPDATES: 2 – April – 2020 ディスクロージャーフォームの提出について

ARIYA LEGAL UPDATES: 2 – April – 2020 ディスクロージャーフォームの提出について

ARIYA LEGAL UPDATES 2 – April – 2020



We, Ariya Group intends this email provides our clients with the updated
information with regard of legal, tax and accounting issues. The only accurate
information has a power. Even though we give it our best shot, it is true that
we sometimes miss the target. That’s why implementation of the information
keenly requires an advice of the experts, such as us.



l  Submission of Disclosure form


From accounting period starting from 1 January 2019 onwards, any company which has total revenue at not less than 200 Million baths and affiliate company must submit disclosure form prescribed by Revenue department together with corporate income tax(PND50). The Revenue department published this disclosure form and explanation on how to prepare this disclosure form (we publish the translate of this explanation in our tax news on March 2020).

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