Tax News No. 219-220 March-April 2015

Tax News No. 219-220 March-April 2015


Index of legal movement in relation to business

Interested tax news

Supreme Court Judgment No. 2564/2557

Royal Decree Issued under the Revenue Code Governing Exemption from Revenue Taxes (No. 580) B.E. 2557

Instruction of the Central Partnerships and Companies Registration Office No.13/2558

Social security office RorNgor 0604/26794

Social security office RorNgor 0627/00926

Notification of Director-General of the Revenue Regarding Income Tax (No. 251)

Prescribing rules and procedures to exempt income tax of companies or juristic partnerships for the income paid for seminar fee of employees in the country

Departmental Instruction No.Paw.148/2557

Exercise of Accrual Basis for Computation of Revenue and Expense of Company or Juristic Partnership

GorKhor.0702/1121 Dated 6 March 2014

Deduction of Income Tax at Source, in case of the payment of telephone and car expenses to employees

GorKhor. 0702/3540 Dated 2 June 2014

Specific Business Tax incase of suretyship of loans for associated company

GorKhor. 0702/8746 Dated 7 October 2013

Corporate Income Tax; in case of foreign tax credit

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