Tax News No. 281 May 2020

Tax News No. 281 May 2020

Index of legal movement in relation to business


  Incorporation of juristic person with Value-Added Tax (VAT) registration


        Subject: Incorporation of juristic person with Value-Added Tax (VAT) registration

        According to the present procedures and processes of starting a business, the business person shall submit an application form to incorporation to the Department of Business Development (DBD) or the Office of Provincial Commercial Affairs, Ministry of Commerce. Subsequently, the entrepreneur who desire to apply for VAT registration shall submit regarding registration forms to the Revenue Department (RD) for another procedure, which may cause the inconvenience in starting and operating a business.

        In order to reduce the number of procedures, time and to offer more convenient services, the Department of Business Development together with Revenue Department has launched a single-service platform by combining the incorporation process with VAT registration. Therefore, the business person shall simultaneously be able to incorporate a new juristic ordinary partnership, limited partnership and company limited along with applying for VAT registration by attaching “the VAT registration form via Department of Business Development” (available at together with the application of business incorporation and submitting it to the DBD or the Office of Provincial Commercial Affairs nationwide. The business person who apply for VAT registration via DBD shall be considered as VAT registrant from the date of registration as a juristic person.

        Thus, the service will be available on 20 April 2020 onwards.

        Please be informed accordingly.

Department of Business Development
April 2020

    The Revenue Department ready to refund tax through PromptPay system

        From 1 May 2020 onwards, the Revenue Department is ready to provide corporate income tax refunds through the PromptPay system. which is continuously support for digital transactions and there is another way for taxpayers to request a refund, in addition to receiving checks or receiving bank transfers. Refunding a corporate income tax for a juristic person that has the qualifications as follows: –

  1.     The juristic person has PromptPay
  2.    Refund portion not more than 100 Million Baht
  3.     No change the juristic person status

        For juristic persons that have all the qualifications and have applied for the PromptPay registration, the Revenue Department will consider refunds to the bank account that is bound to the 13-digit corporate registration number. As for the other juristic persons that do not meet the above conditions, the Revenue Department will still refund by check or transfer to bank account. In the future, there will be changes in the form of corporate income tax refunds through the PromptPay system instead of refunds by check or bank account transfer to support the National e-Payment policy. In order to reduce transaction costs for both the public and private sectors and more convenient and safety, the PromptPay registration method is just prepare the documents and contact the bank that your company has an account with.
 Corporate income tax refund through the PromptPay system will help facilitate and more security during the pandemic of Coronavirus Decease (COVID-19) at the moment, to reduce contact during the transaction social distancing and hope to be a part that will help encourage everyone at home and continue to support the idea of “staying home, stop the infection for the nation” by the government.
Thus, more information can be found at or RD intelligence center Tel. 1161 or all the office of Revenue Department.

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