Ariya Tax & Corporate Services Ltd.

Taxation Services

We can provide tax and coporate advise on a wide range of issues.

Taxation Services

In our view the Thai taxation system prejudices foreigners, due to the lack of adequate information. In addition, it is not easy to find a well-qualified Thai tax lawyer. By courtesy of Professor Paichitr, we have a well-trained tax team who can render a wide range of tax services, not only on tax law but also related matters. Our team can also provide professional solutions to our clients’ problems, in particular in the international tax field, in which we specialise.
We also believe that Thai tax has changed in nature since the economic crisis. The Thai VAT system is regarded as an EC type system, but unlike the EC type system, it does not ensure a tax refund on overpayment of tax. We believe this is prejudicial, and our experience teaches us that a refund can be secured with careful documentation and clarification. .

Thai income tax is prescribed as an assessment tax, operated through a self-assessment tax system. The tax audit is quite tough at present. Therefore, adequate tax planning is essential.

Many Entrepreneurs and businessmen in Thailand seem to consider that the Thai Revenue Department is a miser, since tax refund is not realizable. However, we cannot agree to such an opinion.
Many taxpayers are confronted with the tax refund problem, due to failing adequate preparation for accounting documents. Namely, even though the tax authority wishes to refund, evidences are too few to determine whether the request of tax refund is proper. Our professional knowledge is highly regarded in Thailand. For example, in 2002, we were invited by the Thai Revenue Department to present an opinion on the introduction of transferred pricing concepts.

Our services include:
Tax planning and international taxation advice.
Tax agent services, such as PND.50, 51, 91.
Tax refund assistance services.

Corporate Services

A private limited company can be set up in Thailand in just 3 weeks. This involves consideration of various issues, such as the treatment of organizational costs, joint venture contracts, stamp duty, and so on. We can deal with all aspects of the process.

Thailand has a policy of encouraging foreign investment and at the same time controlling foreign investment. We have highly trained lawyers who can advise our clients on these issues.

Our services include:
Advisory services for business formation.
Agent services for establishing various foreign business entities including permanent establishments.
B.O.I. agent work.
Work permit and visa agency services.
Drafting and reviewing agreements.
Negotiating contracts.
Licences: Alien Business Licences, Factory Licences, etc.
Labour Law: Employment, Work Rules and Regulations, Social Security, etc.

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