Ariya Group is headed by a Japanese CPA, and has 100 employees divided into 4 separate divisions: tax & corporate; accounting services; auditing; and IT solution. Each division is managed by qualified Thai professionals who have graduated with master’s degrees from leading universities in Thailand. We also have a specialist tax adviser, Professor Paichitr Rojanavanich, and Japanese and U.K. consultants.

Tax & Corporate Services
We can provide tax and coporate advise on a wide range of issues.
In our view the Thai taxation system prejudices foreigners, due to the lack of adequate information. In addition, it is not easy to find a well-qualified Thai tax lawyer.

Accounting Services
We recognise that accounting practices should conform to the International Accounting Standard (“IAS”). However, we sometimes feel that Asian interests are not fairly represented.

Auditing Services
A feature of audit practice in Thailand is that audit work has to be carried out under the auditor’s personal name, so that he rather than the firm signs the report.

IT Solution Services
We are developing Accounting Software for using Thailand under BOI privilege. This task is on going with cooperation with a software house in Japan and is conducted two Japanese SE under an advice of our professional team concerned.

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