Tax News No. 221 May 2015

Tax News No. 221 May 2015


Index of legal movement in relation to business

Interested tax news

Supreme Court Judgment No 7013-7014/2555

Living pension tax exemption for Government Savings Bank employees

Supreme Court’s Judgment No. 13993/2555

Royal Decree Issued Under the Revenue Code Governing Revenue Taxes Reduction and Exemption (No.586) B.E.2558

Explanation of Revenue Department

Identification of tax ID payer of product purchasers or subscribers who are VAT registrant in completed tax invoice

GorKhor.0706 (GorMor.09)/Por./125 Dated 8 November B.E.2545

VAT in case of requisition for issuance tax invoice by agent under the name of business operator who lives outside the Kingdom (Consideration written letter for each company of LTO) K. (Thailand) Co.,Ltd.

Summary of Article NPAEs Accounting and Taxes

Part: Lease Agreement in term of Lessor

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