Tax News No. 278 February 2020

Tax News No. 278 February 2020

Index of legal movement in relation to business


    1. The Revenue Department has issued the measurement to extension due date to submit Personal Income Tax return or P.N.D. 90/91

In this year the Revenue Department has issued special measurement to extension due date to submit Personal Income Tax return or P.N.D. 90/91 through RD e-filing and submit by paper at the branch office of the Revenue Department. From the previous ending within this March for another 3 months to the end of June B.E. 2563 (2020). In order to help a taxpaper and will increase the money in system during the budget of 2020 is late and to reduce the impact of some taxpapers having to pay additional tax this year as well.

Thus, a taxpaper who want to request for refund tax can be submitted tax return any time. In this year a person who submit tax return early will get tax fund early. If the documents are completed. Currently, a person who want to refund tax already submitted more than 700,000 persons and the Revenue Department already refund a tax more than 500,000 persons or 73% of all person who want to refund a tax. The Revenue Department use average time to consideration of refunding around 3-4 days. There are refunding through promtpay more than 90 percent, due to convenient and fast.
The spokesman of the Revenue Department said that “The Revenue Department believes that the extension of personal income tax filing has been extended for another 3 months from the end of March to June B.E.2563 (2020) will help the people to have more money to use as well as various tax measures that came out during this period will be able to stimulate the domestic economy and mitigate the impact of tourism stagnation in the year of B.E.2563 (2020).

    2. Control Law on Dual-used Items (DUIs)

Lastly, the Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) issued the Notification of the Ministry of Commerce to cancel the announcement that prescribe the Dual-used Items as goods requiring authorization and specifying products that shall comply with the measures on regulations for export out of the Kingdom of Thailand B.E. 2558 (2015) and 2 additional amendments to prevent duplication and reduce confusion among entrepreneurs in the implementation of Dual-used Items.

DFT shall use the Control of Goods Related to the Proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction Act B.E. 2562 (TCWMD Act), and the DFT will have to issue subordinate legislation or organic law to support TCWMD Act, in which the relevant entrepreneurs are still able to export the Dual-used Items as usual until the said subordinate law comes into force.

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