Tax News No. 234 June 2016

Tax News No. 234 June 2016


The Ministry of Finance centralizes 3 tax departments

The Ministry of Finance would like to reform tax’s structure by centralizing 3 tax departments report directly to Office of Permanent Secretary for Finance, under project Single Sign On.

Single Sign On is tax registration that registering for once and taxpayer can pay tax for all categories, such as personal income tax and corporate income tax of Revenue Department, import duty of Customs Department and liquor and tobacco tax of Excise Department, valid since dated 1 January 2017 onwards for giving an accommodation to operator, as before, 1 operator may file taxes for 3 departments; Revenue Department, Excise Department, Customs Department. Besides, checking on taxpayer history would be faster and better because data base of the operator would be under the control of the Ministry of Finance only.

Moreover, taxpayer can pay tax by PC via electronic payment system (e-Payment) and also there is a supported mobile application on mobile phone.

For operator who registered commercial registration before 1st January 2017, the operator can pay tax by the old system until Single Sign On is complete.

Index of legal movement in relation to business

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