Tax News No. 273 September 2019

Tax News No. 273 September 2019

Tax News No. 256 April 2018

Index of legal movement
in relation to business


The Measures of Reduction of Value Added Tax

The Royal Decree issued under the Revenue Code
Governing Revenue Exemption (No.684) dated 30
Septumber B.E.2562 (2019) shall come into force as
of 1 October B.E.2562 (2019) following the date of
its publication in the Government Gazette. There
shall be extended period of value-added tax
reduction in 1 year by still maintaing at 7
percent since 1 October B.E.2562 (2019)  to
30 Septumber B.E.2563 (2020)   .

Immigration Bureau has developed of Application
for convenience in various operations.

Immigration Bureau has deveploped mobile
application for convenience to people , Foreigners
and Operators who can efficiently using on
applications as folllow :

– Section 38 : The styems of notification of
residence under section 38 of the Landlord .
– eTM6 : Filling out the form TM6. Before arrive –
depature in to Thailand  .
Immigration eServices  for Foreigners to
Notification of staying in the Kingdom over 90
days (TM.47)

Application can be download from  Apple app
Store or Google Play Store.

Interested tax news

  Supreme Court Judgment No.

       Whether or
not the employer can dismiss the employee who
disclosed his password to the other employees
without severance pay.

  Supreme Court
Judgment No. 2136/2561  

       Appeal for
assessment on import duty and value added tax

  Supreme Court
Judgment No. 7136/2561

to Employee offending before committing to
work, Does employer have to pay compensation?

Regulation Prescribing Minimum Capital and
Period for Bringing or Remitting Minimum
Capital to Thailand B.E. 2562) 

  Ruling of
Foreign Business Administration Division on
August B.E. 2562  No.4

       In case of
the company as foreign company procuring
equipment or machines to manufacturer to
produce goods or parts for the company only
without any charges and the company still have
the ownership of such equipment and machines.


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