Tax News No. 223 July 2015

Tax News No. 223 July 2015


The increase of new beneficial compensation

  • Social Security Act (No.4) B.E.2558 was announced in Thai Royal Gazette on June 22, 2015, which comes into force within 120 days from the date of announcement (October 20, 2015)
In the event of injury or sickness Cost for health promotion and disease prevention
Cost for primary aid to the insured person in case of incuring damage from receiving the medical services
In the event of maternity Unlimitaion of entitlement
In the child allowance Limitation of not more than 3 children for the entitlement
In the event of unemployment Unemployment incurred from Force Majure or the employer suspens his normal business operation from Force Majure, the insured person is entitled to receive the unemployment benefit subject the terms of laws
In the case of chronic illness or disability person Entitlement of benefit in the event of death
In the event of intension to make or let other make injury, disability and death of insured person Bring the last monthly salary to calculate upon the rate specified by law
In the event of disability by the cause unrelated to work Provide 2 degrees for entilement of benefit not seriously condition of phisical seriouly condition of phisical
The insured persion who was disability before 31 March 1995 would receive compensation for lack of income in whole life.
In the event of death Replace of the multiple number for calculation of compensation from 3 and 10 respectively to 4 and 12 respectively
The insured persion can indicate the receipient of death compensation
The period of submission of application for receipt of compensation Submit within 2 years
The insured person Include the employee of the employer having the office in Thailand but the employee is assigned to work in oversea

Index of legal movement in relation to business

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